Skin Conditioning Oil
Usage Instructions

The conditioning oil is a non-diluted full strength skin ointment. As a result, it requires only a minimal amount to be used. Here is the the recommended method for using the Biom8 Conditioning Oil:

Clean hands with soap and water prior to starting

Gently rinse the facial skin with only slightly cold water

Allow the skin to begin to air dry

While skin still moist, but most water has evaporated, dispense a small amount of oil

Using your fingers massage a minimal amount of oil in to the skin

Let the skin finish drying and absorbing the oil

Enjoy your skin

This basic approach seems to be the most effective. However, feel free to get creative and build your own approach (be sure to leave it in the comments).

Additional Notes

  • Using the tiniest amount possible ensures that the oil absorbs quickly
  • Applying the oil when the skin is too moist may effect absorption
  • Applying the oil when the skin is too dry will require more oil
  • Wipe excess oil from the lotion dispenser using a clean paper towel or tissue
  • Applying extra oil prior to sun exposure will prevent the skin from drying out

Ideas for Integration

The formulation has been created with simplicity in mind. This allows for flexible integration into existing routines. Here are a few ideas:

  • Use it on the scalp in the shower along with your favorite shampoo
  • Apply under make up to keep skin healthy
  • Mix with your favorite moisturizer to improve anti-fungal activity
  • Add to hair gels and other styling products to keep scalp healthy

Best of luck to everyone!

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