Topical Recovery Spray
Usage Instructions

The Topical Recovery Spray is the updated version of the original Probiotic Repair Spray.

The Topical Recovery Spray has been developed to supplement the skin’s natural natural moisture barrier. Designed with simplicity in mind, this minimalistic formulation should allow for easy integration into your own favourite skin care routine.

Though the Topical Recovery Spray should gradually help improve the skins natural moisturization level, it is not designed to provide immediate moisturization or emollient to the skin. For immediate skin moisturization it is recommended to follow up with a mild moisturizer.

For Facial Area

Wetting the skin before usage will allow for more even application.

Clean hands with soap and water prior to starting

Rinse skin with only slightly cold water

Spray Topical Recovery Spray onto the hand

Gently massage into skin

Let skin air dry

Optional: Follow up with your favourite moisturizer

While skin still has some moisture.

Enjoy your skin

Popular Moisturizer Suggestions:

  • BIOM8 Skin Conditioning Oil
  • Cetaphil Restoraderm Moisturizer
  • Simple Facial Moisturizer
  • EpiCeram (skin barrier repair cream)

For Scalp Usage

For best results use while scalp is still moist after shower/shampooing. The formula is quite concentrated and some dilution can be beneficial to the outcome.

Spray Probiotic Repair spray directly onto scalp

Gently massage into affected skin

Let air dry

For General Usage

Can be used as a general skin toning agent and moisture assistant. Remember to spot test to see how your skin reacts prior to regular usage. As a general rule, less is more.

Spray directly onto skin

Massage thoroughly

Let air dry

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