The top recommended depends on the specific use case. In short, Spray Pump is best for facial applications, Precision Tip for scalp applications and the Refill Top for refilling the small bottles.

In more detail, here’s a brief description of each top:

Spray Pump

This is the most popular top. It is recommended for facial applications, but it’s main benefit is it makes is easy to dispense a minimal amount. Spraying a few pumps into the hand is quick, clean and always provides a standard portion.

The 30ml Skin Conditioning Oil comes with a Spray Pump

Precision Tip

The precision tip was released to allow more direct application to the scalp. The pointed tip can be used between the hair shafts and this helps to reduce the amount of oil that get’s absorbed into the hair.

Refill Top

This top is only offered on the 250ml version of the Skin Conditioning Oil. It doesn’t have much functionality and is intended for the simple refilling of the smaller bottles.

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