The Skin Conditioning Oil should easily integrate into other skin care regimens. However, you may want to start slow and spot-test on smaller areas to see how your skin reacts.

Using A Product After Application

Using a topical product after the Skin Conditioning Oil application may have slight impact on the overall outcome. This would occur because the second product could modify the percentage of anti-fungal lipids provided by the BIOM8.

For example, based the specific ingredients found in Finacea Gel, it would appear that the base of the cream is made up of similar fatty acids to the BIOM8. And based on this, it should not take away from any potential results.

Using A Product Prior to Application

Most individuals report using mild facial cleansers or washes prior to applying the Skin Conditioning Oil. This should not alter results as the previous product is washed off prior to BIOM8 application.

Nevertheless, some products may actually have a negative impact on seborrheic dermatitis on their own. In this case the skin may be aggravated by the initial product, which would impact overall progress.

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