The precision tip version of the Skin Conditioning Oil is currently recommended for scalp usage. It features a pointed tip and allows for more direct application, helping to reduce wastage and ensure the product gets delivered to the skin’s surface.

Regardless of the top, there are three population scalp application methods. This includes:

  • 3-5 minute scalp applications
  • Integration into a shampoo
  • Overnight treatment

3-5 Minute Scalp Applications

This is preferred scalp application method.

While in the shower, rinse the hair well with water. Next, massage the Skin Conditioning Oil directly into your wet scalp. Let the oil sit for 3 to 5 minutes, absorbing into the skin. And finally wash off with your regular shampoo.

When shampooing, try to be gentle on the scalp. Being gentle, should allow a small portion of the oil to be left on the skin.

Integration Into a Shampoo

Adding a few drops into the your shampoo can be an easy way to integrate the oil into your routine. It may not provide enough time for the oil to really do it’s job, but it is a fairly popular approach among users.

When using this method, it is advisable to mix the two products in your hand at each application (instead of premixing a whole bottle). As premixing make the oils can effect shelf life and make the oils more prone to going rancid.

Overnight Treatment

Some users have reported leaving the Skin Conditioning Oil on their scalps overnight. This gives the oil plenty of time to really absorb into the scalp.

If you plan to do this method, it as advisable to cover your pill or wear a shower cap. Without taking adequate precautions, an oily residue will be left on your pillow and sheets.

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