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After years of testing and trying different solutions, holistic and commercial, I was left disappointed with the results. Nothing seemed to really work and all I wanted was to have normal skin again.

So, the experimentation began. Studying patents, medical research papers and testing countless different formulations I believe to have found the perfect formula. All natural, highly effective and easy to use. It was like a dream come true.

This original formula was then named as the “Skin Conditioning Oil” and is now available for everyone around the world. And in the end, it is my hope that Biom8 is as effective for you as it has been for me.

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Securing Long Term Results

Regardless of the effectiveness of the Biom8 formula, I also believe all skin issues need to be fully understood to be truly resolved for years to come. Accordingly, the next part of my mission is to provide a complete guide to understanding your skin and how to best support it’s health in the long term.

A downloadable version of this guide is included with each purchase. And a work in progress version is available through the SkinDrone project.

Accessing the Work:

The work is being developed on an ongoing basis and your support fuels ongoing research and development. So thank for you being part of the community!

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