BIOM8 - Skin Conditioning Oil

(359 customer reviews)

A natural solution designed to help replenish the skin’s moisture barrier

  • Targets the moisture barrier
  • Direct antioxidant delivery
  • Fast absorbing
  • Excellent as a tanning oil
  • All natural ingredients
  • Can be integrated into existing routines
  • Can be added to other products
  • Minimal amount required for effectiveness
  • Aids in restoration of skin tone
  • Profits support further R&D


Caprylic/Capric Triglyceride, Tricaprylin (Caprylic Triglyceride), Hippophae Rhamnoids (Sea Buckthorn) Seed Oil, Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

Free from additives, preservatives or bonding agents.


User Reviews

4.65 out of 5

359 reviews

4.65 out of 5 stars

359 Reviews for the Skin Conditioning Oil

12 reviews with a 2-star rating

  1. Björn

    Björn (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    It did not work for me. About the same results as when I’m using coconut oil. It helps a bit, but not much.

    The one thing that has worked the best for me is salt. I’ve been using both Dead Sea salt and Himalaya salt. I highly recommend people to try it. Just note that when you first start using it, it will probably get worse for a while before it gets better. So don’t give up, keep using it and see.

    My skin does not become dry from salt. On the contrary, it becomes very smooth. Also, the parts where my SD is the worst (around the nose) is also where my skin produce the most sebum, meaning that it’s in general quite oily and does not run any risk of getting dry.

    I would assume that the same goes for many other people with SD; it’s mainly occurring in places where your skin produces a lot of sebum. So if you’re skin in those parts is oily, there should be less chance that it dries up from salt.

    I understand that some people have experienced dry skin with salt, so it may have different effect on different people. Still, give it a shot and see. And as I said, stick with it for a while (use twice per day for up to a week) and see if it does not get better.

    Side note about dry skin: most people that I’ve heard of that take salt baths report that their skin is smooth afterwards. Same thing with going swimming in the sea – how many people experience dry skin from swimming in the sea (which contains a lot of salt)? Maybe some do, but I’ve never heard of it.

    In any case, I warmly recommends giving salt a chance. It’s been a game changer for me.

    All the best,



  2. Paula

    Paula (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    I wanted this product to work so badly, but unfortunately it does not work for me. My skin reacts to oils horribly as it flares up the SD. After reading so many glowing reviews I discarded my personal experience with oils (trust me when I say I’ve tried them all), and this ended up exacerbating the redness in my skin and giving it a dull burning sensation, almost like a mild itch. However, I am giving this two stars because I love the helpful information in the PDF regarding internal and external treatments for SD. I also want Biom8 to work for me so I just ordered the probiotic spray and I will try using that will my tried and true Neutrogena hydro boost moisturizer. I will update my review on the spray after trying.


  3. Franz


    2 out of 5

    Too much „wonder weapon“ marketing


  4. Elaine

    Elaine (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    I broke out in this mysterious rash on my face 4 months ago and spent hundreds trying different lotions and prescription creams. My family Dr suspected Seborrheic Dermatitis but the cream he prescribed just burned my skin and caused more redness and flakiness. It also spread to my hairline and eyelids. So when I was stumbled upon this product, I was so full of hope. I’ve been using it twice daily for 4 days now and my skin is worse!! I’m extremely frustrated. I used to have lovely skin – now I’m almost embarrassed to be seen.


  5. Jami F.

    Jami F. (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    I really wanted this to work but sadly, it did nothing for my SD. I gave it a week and a half and had to switch back to my dermaharmony wash and dermoscribe lotion today as the redness and itching became unbearable. It is a nice oil that brought a nice glow to the non-affected areas of my face and so I could see using it as a moisturizer but not as a treatment. I may try it again down the road as it seemed to help so many and maybe I was using too much or something?


  6. Calum

    Calum (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    I bought this product of after readying all these great reviews of how there skin was healed by this oil. However after putting this oil on my skin overnight I woke in the morning to find it had burnt my skin completely and was red raw and very sore to the touch. I do not have anything I am illergic to that I am aware of to cause this reaction. Be aware people not everyone will have the same outcome as yourself and take this into account. I have found however a product by the name of Bria which is a organic balm and I found helps a lot and if used regularly can also help I hope my feedback is helpful to some


  7. N.D. Harmison

    N.D. Harmison (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    As a late 60’s yr old woman, w. S.D. since high school, I was hopeful that perhaps finally I would try a product that would help my skin. From eyebrows to nose to behind ears, plus on upper back, and worst of all, scalp, I have tried to solve this problem for decades!
    I did a skin patch test using my inner lower arm and quickly developed redness and a burning sensation. In spite of that, I decided to try it behind my ears and some of the oil ran down to my neck and I spread it on my lower cheek. Unfortunately, the burning, redness plus a rash immediately broke out on skin the oil had touched. Washed it off as best I could. Did require Benadryl tab’s to completely resolve the itching and redness. Obviously I cannot use this product – as for the ingredients, I assume it is the sea buckthorn that is the problem. Back to my usual routine of care to stave off the S.D. from major eruptions.


  8. Matthew Bennett

    Matthew Bennett (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    I was looking forward to trying out this product as it had such good ratings and seems to have helped a lot of people. Unfortunately it didn’t work for me, Used it for a week and my skin got progressively worse. Still want to thank Michael for the great book he has wrote on sed derm as it is very informative and gives me other alternative treatments i can try and see if they will work for me. Glad I tried it, but unfortunately just didnt work for me.


  9. jeff sutton

    jeff sutton (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    I was very excited to use this as Iv seen so many positive reviews on it. I have been struggling with SD around my nose for since I’m 16. This cream hasn’t really worked as I wanted it to. It does take the flakiness away and makes the skin smooth but the redness however is still present and still appears to be flared. If anyone has any advice how to reduce redness would be great.


  10. Kay Raju

    Kay Raju (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    I wrote a review of this product back in November of 2015 – it was working amazing then. However, I was living in England. After returning back home to Windsor, Ontario, Canada, my SD has come back a lot worse and unfortunately the Biom8 isn’t working anymore. I’m not sure if it ever was working, it could’ve been that the consistent climate in England was just better for my skin, and the extreme humidity I came back to in Windsor set it off again. Hope no one else experiences this!


  11. Tom

    Tom (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    Used Biom8 for about 2 weeks now in conjunction with Cetaphil Restoraderm and unfortunately I haven’t seen any improvement in my SD. Very pleased to hear so many great reviews, but for me it has proved ineffective. The skin is a complex organism and the hunt for a cure for SD continues, at least for me! As a side note I have noticed that alcohol does tend to cause flare ups so if you’re not having much luck try reducing your alcohol intake. Tom


  12. Marco

    Marco (verified owner)

    2 out of 5

    Been using for 4-5 days but my skin got a lot worse. Much more flaky unfortunately. Only tried it on certain parts of my face to test. I am on a cure of Roaccutane however, dont know if that might be a factor or not. Will try Biom8 again once i an done with that cure.


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