How does USA shipping work?

Both First Class Mail and Priority Mail are delivered via the United States Postal Service and depend on a third party service for initial transit from Canada to the USA, while the DHL Express travels directly to destination.

USPS Service Details

Both available USPS shipping services (First Class Mail and Priority Mail) utilize a two step process:

USPS Shipping Process - Step 1
Initial transport of the shipment from Vancouver, Canada to Blaine, USA is handled by a private courier named ChitChats
USPS Shipping Process - Step 2
Once the shipment arrives in Blaine, the USPS processes the item through their outbound warehouse and handles transport to the delivery address

The first step in this process, adds an day to the delivery standards provided by the USPS.

DHL Express Details

The DHL Express service is a door-to-door delivery service and these shipments depart directly from our outbound facility. As they travel direct, delivery standards are not impacted and most shipments typically arrive next business day.

Tracking Information Consolidation

As a result of the two step USPS process, each shipment is assigned two separate tracking IDs during it’s journey; one by ChitChats and another by the USPS.

Sample tracking codes

If all systems are functioning as they should, each subsequent tracking number should pass it’s details to the previous system. For this reason, the ChitChats identifier is generally preferred (as it contains all tracking data from start to finish). However, in some cases, not all details are correctly passed along and you may find the USPS system contains the most up-to-date information.

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