How does the Asendia service shipping work?

The Asendia shipping service utilizes a three step process:

Asendia Shipping Process - Step 1
Initial transport of the shipment from Vancouver, Canada to Los Angeles, USA is handled by a private courier named ChitChats
Asendia Shipping Process - Step 2
Once the shipment arrives in Los Angeles, Asendia processes the item through their outbound warehouse and handles transport to the destination country
Asendia Shipping Process - Step 4
At the destination country, the item is inspected by customs and is presented to the corresponding national postal service (Australia Post, Deutsche Post, etc.) for final delivery

Tracking Information Consolidation

As a result of this three step process, each shipment is assigned three separate tracking IDs during it’s journey; one by ChitChats, another by Asendia, and the last is an internationally accepted S10 tracking identifier.

Sample tracking codes

If all systems are functioning as they should, each subsequent tracking number should pass it’s details to the previous system.

For this reason, the ChitChats identifier is generally preferred (as it contains all tracking data from start to finish). However, in certain cases, not all details are correctly passed along. This is especially true for the final S10 tracking identifier, which becomes available once the item is transferred to the national postal authority in the destination country.

Once the S10 identifier becomes available, it is recommenced you review the tracking data directly via your national postal service for the most detailed and timely updates.

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